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Health and Safety

We insist on the continuous improvement of occupational health, safety and quality performance.

All plant and equipment undergo strict inspection, including calibration, load testing and servicing, to ensure good condition and compliance with all relevant requirements, standards and legislation.

The utilisation of our internal qualified QA/QC ensures effective planning, implementation and quality monitoring of all workmanship according to the identified scope of work.

We make use of an integrated SHEQ Management System for the procedural control and compliance of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality. We embrace the following standards:

  • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)
  • OHSAS 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety)
  • ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Systems)
  • ISO 31000 (Corporate Risk Management)
  • ISO 26000 (Social Responsibility)


  • Our crew consists of highly skilled experts, many of whom are genset pioneers, all holding vast industry-specific experience and education. In-house training is also provided at Forte Demolition, ensuring the necessary knowledge, skills and experience across all workforce ranks.